Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's here! Transfer tomorrow

So we had the option the wait to do our transfer on Day 5 because we are so lucky and blessed to have 6 healthy Tadpauls (Mister's not the biggest fan of that name lol). I was asked to change into the gown and we went into the OR, where Dr. Liu, who looks too young, but is really thoughtful and explains things well, explained to us the quality of our embies and gave us the option to wait until Day 5. But get this, she said that if we transfer 2 on Day 5 we'd 'have a strong possibility of having twins'. Yup, we both got a good laugh about that. I told Dr. Liu that the thought of twins freaks Mr out. :)

So we've decided that since, as of me writing this, we have 6 healthy (grade 2/3) embies, we'll transfer 1 and freeze as many as we can. I'm nervous and excited for tomorrow - the day is finally here, after all our pain. I know it's our first try, but I can't be scared. This is us trying for a baby. Mister said tonight that it's how he wanted things - us having money saved up, us both working, me having worked enough hours to qualify for mat leave. 

On day 3, our tadpaul's were graded. The first # is the # of cells, the second is the quality (1 being best and very hard to get, 2 being good, 3 is fine...)

8/3 8/3 8/2c  9/3  6/2c  12/2

Our 6/2 is our litter figher who was a late bloomer.

So from now we pray that the little embie that becomes a part of me tomorrow will be our healthy baby.

Love you already baby. Please God help us.

Go Tadpauls!! :P 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Possible Day 3 transfer tomorrow!

The nurse called today and I had a feeling I should answer instead of letting her leave a voicemail for me and Mister for later. She said that one of our embies fertilized ('a fighter' - I'm so proud!) and now we have 6 tadpauls! 

Then she gave me the shocking news that we needed to come in tomorrow at 9:45am so we could have a 30 min meeting about the quality of our tadpauls, and based on their quality, have a day 3 transfer. Whoa! Unexpected! I always thought of having a day 5 blasto tranfer. So I freaked out a bit and called Mister. Both of us were shocked we might have one of the most important days of our life tomorrow. The nurse did say that is the majority of the tadpauls are high quality, then we are looking at a day 5. 

So of course I immediately headed online to compare a day 3 or day 5 transfer. So many different opinions! Some women are happily taking care of their babies after a day 3 transfer, another study says the implantation rate is higher with day 5 but birth rates are the same with both. 

So Mister and I decided, based on the info we get, we'll transfer 1 tadpaul on either day 3 or 5 if it is high quality, and 2 on day 3 if they are less high quality. So we'll see what happens.

Love to all our tadpauls!! :) 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tadpauls :)

Grow Tadpaul's, grow!! (name my Mister came up with, that I just love lol. Embyros just sound too clinical)

One of the IVF nurses called this afternoon to see how I was feeling today. I said I was fine, but sore and tired, and that I had taken the day off work. I also said me and Mister were hoping to listen to the tadpaul update together, so could she please call back and leave us a detailed voicemail.

So I immediately called Mister at work to tell him we have our tadpaul update to listen too. Geez, I'm so freaking nervous to hear about it. Sometimes I think I read too much info, too much info to over analyse what's happening. I was interested, however, in learning what stage of development the Tadpaul's were at everyday.

I started prometrium today, the less messy version of progesterone. Happy that I'm taking 400 mg.

Did I mention I was nervous about these daily updates about the tadpaul's? In optimistic theory, we are going to be in constant suspense until aug 17, when I'm estimating our first pregnancy test results will come back.

Last nite before I went to bed, I asked Mister to hold my hand and we sent out love and good growing vibes to our tapdauls.


12 eggs retrieves
8 fertilized
They are watching 5

My reaction went from 12!?? to 8!?? to 5??? Why only 5? What about the other 7?? But, as Mister said, we only need 1. :) 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

11 follies!!

Had a good retrieval procedure and recover - and even tho we had only counted 9 follies on my right side, we were so happy and surprised with the news that Dr. Cruickshank collected from 11!! 

We're so new to this. so I'm pretty sure that's 11 eggs, because the team had to wait for the embryologist to give us the final count.

Now I'm very happy and very sleepy.


Monday, July 26, 2010

HCG and Retrieval tomorrow!!

I have to remember the good, optimistic, hopeful feeling we got while walking towards the car after our day 9 appt on Saturday morning. We were told we have 9 follies, lining is 1.1, and we could do our HCG shot on Sunday at 10pm.

I'm very proud of myself - while going thru our first cycle, I worked hard enough to get a 3 month contract extension and a raise! I know I proved myself - I did what I set out to do. Show my boss that I can do my job well. I proved to myself that I am capable and smart, and I work hard. A year off really had me worried...back in Feb I thought a job at Starbucks might even be too much for me. I am a smart, capable, strong woman.

Back in Feb, I didn't like the person I was, didn't feel like this is the me that should help create a baby. But now, I feel like the way I was hoping, and I accomplished it on my own skills and merit.

So tomorrow morning we go in at 8 for our retrieval...please God help us!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our First Cycle - Started June 14

I'm surprised I haven't blogged since the start of our cycle! Today, is my third day of getting a shot of 200 units of Puregon in the morning and 0.2cc of Suprefact in the morning. I went for b/w and u/s on Saturday, and was a bit worried cause I had gotten my period on Friday nite. But Dr. Cruikshank said I was either 'on schedule' or 'running like clockwork', which made me really happy. I guess my ovaries are good and supressed, as they say. I didn't ask what they saw, I didn't ask if there were any cysts, or how many follicles. I knew from my day 3 u/s back in June that we I had 12 follies on the right and only 2-3 on the left. I wonder how my left ovary will respond to the Puregon. 

I'm about to start making some pizza's, so I just want to say that I'm cautiously optimisitic..I have to be! I usually am a big researchers about everything I get involved in, cause I actually like researching, but in this case, I think I want to be a bit naive...I'm on the protocol my Dr ordered, so far I'm doing ok (other than some really painful and exhausting intestinal issues, I think because of getting my period after stopping my pill on July 12).

We went to Devi Mandir yesterday and I prayed. I also prayed for all the couples and women who are going thru infertility and prayed that their dreams come true as well. I asked God to please bless our child. I want more than anything for this to work, to be expecting a healthy baby next May...but I know to keep a part of my heart and head safe as well.

Mister has been wonderful...I am so grateful and lucky for such an amazing husband. :) I love him so much!

Gotta run, but *really* glad I posted this. :)