Thursday, April 29, 2010

Apr 28 - Start of our baby journey

The day's finally here, after months of waiting, feeling like it was so far away. From that horrible day in October to *now* - the day we decided (and did) stop taking my birth control pill so I can have my period and call oru IVF clinic on Day 1 to schedule our Day 3 u/s and b/w to get the ball rolling. 

I'm so happy with my job and I'm so grateful to the universe for bringing me to it. I like going into work, and I like the people there. I like my bosses, my co-workers, and the money I'm making. It means that my dear Mister has stopped worrying about money for IVF, maternity leave and generally being able to afford Baby. 

I went to the library yesterday, Wed, and got two pregnancy books, one I was looking forward to reading when was right. You Being Pregnant! I started reading it last nite, but I had a cute moment with Mister before opening the book. He came and sat on the bed with me, and I said ' look, I can *finally* *actually* read this book for a reason!' The smile I had on my face and the happiness I felt was so wonderful. I don't know what the future is going to bring for us in terms of Baby, I don't know how long our journey will be. But I want to honour and enjoy these first steps...this is our time to be excited! 

I always felt that I still wanted to feel the excitement of preparing for a baby..and I truly feel that we started our journey with love and excitement. I feel peace in my heart knowing we did get to look at each and know 'yes, it's finally the time, we are going to try and bring our Baby into this world, into our life'. The look Mister gave me when he saw my smile last nite while holding the book was so loving..he is going to be *such* a great dad! And it's kinda silly ironic how we get to start our Baby making journey by me stopping the pill lol. In this case, I actually *want* my period lol! 

I'm just happy happy happy about everything! About our future Baby, my job, our journey, my yoga (I did my first half-handstand tonite)  I just miss my Quixote and Baby Saf and Baby K! I miss hanging out with them *so* much. They are my loves, they are a part of me for always! 

It's just great to see where we've come from - how far we've come and how light and happy things are now :)

I close my eyes and I see flowers...