Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Olympics! Go Canada!!!

I'm just loving watching the Olympics! Since I'm not working, I'm at home and have Olympic coverage on all day.

I just love the elation I feel whenever Canada wins a medal!

As of right now, we have 15 medals, 11.5 (.5 from ice dancing) won by women!! How awesome is that!!

I just love cheering with the rest of my country. I'm a sports girl, and I just love the high of watching our athletes do so well. So many of their stories inspire me. I marvel at how some of them had a terrible time in Turin 4 years ago, or just missed qualifying, or was struggling thru persevere and have your eyes on a goal 4 long years down the road astounds me. It inspires me that they continued to work hard, and had FAITH in themselves and maybe something or someone higher that those 4 years of hard work and dedication would pay off. 

And yes, I tear up when I watch the montages of an athlete(s) who won a medal for Canada to the tune of I BELIEVE.

PS. Canada beat Russia 7-2 tonite - the whole country was worried but we pulled thru!