Monday, January 27, 2014

Two week wait! Day 7 - 2 days to go!

Our little 3BB, we've waited so long for you to be with us! I'm hoping our lives together are meant to be, because when we tried for our FET on December 24 it was cancelled just a few moments before our transfer with little 4BC. I had unexplained fluid in my uterus from an unmedicated cycle. This time I was put on estrace from day 3, then progesterone as well from day 10. 

I feel like our little one 3BB is a girl, a little fighter just like I was. I'm so scared of things not working out that I'm doing my best to not let my brain go there, go to places of sad things. 

Our transfer was on Monday, Jan 20, and it went perfectly, just like Xman's did 3.5 years ago. Same room, same chair, but different dr. Dr. Greenblatt oversaw our transfer, while another newer dr actually did the implantation. Dr Greenblatt said the implantation was in an excellent spot.

Our first beta will be on wednesday, Jan 29. Eeeek! Trying really hard not to think about it, but today I did double-check when milestones would be for 3BB. I'm praying that little one is strong, healthy, cozy and keep growing! (Just like we said for Xman!) Can't break tradition, as I told Mister the other day lol.

This time feels different, because when things are stressful, I try and focus on the absolute joy and beauty that is my sweet little boy, the one who healed my heart.

Yesterday, I looked up this blog again, because I was curious about what my mental state was, and what symptoms I was having. The Tues and Wed after this transfer, I had terrible headaches, that just made my teeth chatter. Tylenol helped very much. Then starting Friday, I've just been inhaling food on occasion. Sometimes I feel like I can't get enough! Yesterday, Mister made these delicious garlic bread with cheese and I inhaled 4 pieces. When he asked me how many pieces he ate (cause I usually eat 2!) I honestly couldn't remember how many I had eaten, only that I was starving lol. 

I will post the pic of the moment of tranfer of little one, my 3BB, very soon. I took some really nice pictures at the church near work, which I went to after the transfer. I didn't take the day off, but I wasn't too busy at work so I kept my normal routine, but moved slower. And my head was totally in a different space - I took the train headed west, 25 minutes in the wrong direction! Ya, I was distracted lol. But I did also make it to an accupuncture session that evening, so I hope that helped my body.

Little one - we love you!