Friday, January 31, 2014

*Joy* We are pregnant again!! Such sweet relief

So so soooo happy! Mister and I are pregnant! Another miracle in our lives!

Mister suggested we listen to the message as soon as we got to the car after getting off the train yesterday. We held hands and listened to the message I had asked the nurse to leave us.

Her voice was happy from the start, and she said she was very happy to tell us that the test game back positive, that I had a beta of 84, and that we are pregnant!!

It look me a moment, to just let it sink in, I remember saying 'oh my God, really!??' and then I just started crying. With relief, with so much relief. Waiting for this moment since early last year, then being delayed in Nov and Dec cycles. We are pregnant with out little one 3BB!!

Now, of course, praying for our Little One to be strong, healthy, cozy and to keep growing.

Mister sent me a text this morning to say 'Have a good morning you 2 and we all look forward to tonight' (when we are all reunited and excited for a weekend of family time). And this morning when we kissed goodbye at the train station he also said love you too to little one. And he kissed my belly last night. He said he knew the test was going to be yes because I was a 'different kind of moody' lol.

I told Kat on facetime during dinner and she cried even more than I did! Love her, so grateful to have her friendship over all these years. Since no one else of our family or friends know, it's so nice to be able to share with one person who understands all that we've gone through with endo and what a true miracle a pregnancy is to us.

This morning I walked up to work and remembered what it was like coming to the building for my interview back in April 2013. And how it all lead up to this moment: this moment of walking to work, not alone, but with my little one 3BB tucked safe inside me. :)

Praying, praying, praying for our Little One to arrive safely in Sept or Oct (due Oct 8!), arrive safe and healthy.

Mister thinks for sure we are having another boy, but I feel like Little One is a little girl...we'll see!!

We are 4 weeks as of cool!!