Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Another piece of the puzzle - check!

I went to have my Day 3 ultrasound yesterday - and I'M CYST FREE!!!!!!!! 

Yay yay yay!! Happy happy joy joy!!

I was positive I would have cysts on my left ovary...I had been feeling pain for awhile, gained weight around my middle and had felt twinges on my left side. So I didn't let myself think too much about this appointment - it's like a put a mental block up about it..something I'm rarely able to do. I can't explain how I was able to block it out. Even lying on the table, I didn't really think about what the dr. would say. 

Mister was with me, holding my hand during the u/s. First we heard that my right ovary had NO CYSTS, had 8 follicles and looked good. Then she poled and prodded around looking at my left ovary and said 'No cysts. And they don't hide easily.' mister squeezed my hand, and I was just in disbelief.

It didn't sink in until I was in the elevator at work on my way home and I looked at myself in the mirror and then boom! it partially hit that I'm had no cysts! Then talking to Nina tonite after watching Glee really sank things in.

She told me to enjoy this happy feeling, enjoy this time. :) Things have turned out just as I had hoped. And I'm healthy and strong because of yoga.

Mister and I also made the decision to wait a few more weeks before I start our cycle. I'm really liking my job and my work and I just need a few more weeks to really get in the groove of things. If I had said yes now, the next 3 weeks would be all about ivf, when I should be concentrating on work. So I can get hired on, get benefits, have security, maternity benefits...I really like the people at work and the environment...the freedom I have, the sick room with the comfy couch. I just need a few more weeks to focus on work before ivf and baby are at the front of my thoughts. Plus, who know how crazt I'll get on the drugs lol!

YES!!!!! I'M CYST FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!